March 17, 2014

Extra Life Music Requests!? Okay!

Through the power of the interwebz... this year's Extra Life stream will have some new awesomeness.
Today I am going to introduce you to music requests! You can request a song via chat (during certain hours) and it'll auto play on the stream for me and everyone else to hear.

How does this sorcery work?

Well, in Twitch chat you type in certain commands that'll allow a song to be played.
You must be registered on Twitch in order to use chat.

Here are the commands:

!songrequest YouTube Video ID
(Requests a song to play on the stream, Youtube Video ID is the last part of a Youtube URL after the ?v=)
(For example: !songrequest k6lVhGeyXuw)

(Displays the current song that is playing on the stream)

(Displays the next song that will play on the stream)

Please do not request a song that is offensive, not music, and no longer than 5 minutes long.

February 14, 2014

Extra Life Medals!

When these awards showed up in my mailbox today, I was super stoked!  They are awards for my previous years of raising money to help out Children's Miracle Network in an event called Extra Life.
Am I doing it again this year?  You can bet your pants I am! 
This October!  Be there!  It'll be fun, I promise. ;)

February 13, 2014

It's All About Community!

I love video games.
I was fascinated by video games ever since I saw one.
I've loved them since the first time I ever held a controller.
Looting treasure chests, hunting down the bad guys, getting the epic piece of gear, and saving the world... these have been a part of my life for a very long time.

I started with single player RPGs. FFVIII is my first real retail game and I was hooked.

External image
I'd sit by myself and play 'til I passed out, rinse and repeat.
Then I discovered the MMORPG... I picked up Everquest and had no idea what I was getting into. Playing online with other people? GASP!
It's when I joined a guild and actually got to know other players I discovered what it's like to have a gaming community. To be a part of something with others. To share that feeling of helping each other and goals.

External image

Unfortunately my class in Everquest was nerfed (beaten to death with the nerfbat is an understatement) to the point where I couldn't even solo anymore. This was right around the time that WoW came out. So I switched. I felt bad leaving my EQ friends behind but to my surprise a couple of people followed me. It was fun learning a new game and meeting new people. The WoW community is strong and after 10 years (I played for 6+ then quit) I'm still friends with several people outside of the game.
External image

I was tired of WoW after so long and after so many changes... I needed some gaming variety in my life so I decided to get a PS3 and FFXIII. My gaming started with Final Fantasy VIII so I wanted to get back into JRPGs and consoles in general. It was great being able to play at my own pace, hog all the loot, and actually FINISH the game. Next after that was Heavy Rain... and I've been loving my consoles ever since. The variety and actually being able to finish a game feels so satisfying.
Of all the places I've worked, I've been the only gamer. I felt like the odd one out because none of my coworkers played video games. It's almost like I was the little kid of the office to someone once they knew. Yeah I'm young at heart and most people don't believe me when I say my age anyways lol... to most people, someone my age should be married with a mortgage and have kids. NOPE!
Fast forward to three years ago when I met my boyfriend. He's the most amazing person and I feel so lucky to have him. When I met him I maybe had around 15k gamerscore. He had 200k. I was like shock! So then I started achievement hunting with and along side of him, and I love it.

External image
The first game we 1000'd together was Portal 2. I've also met some of his Xbox pals and they are awesome people. Then I joined x360a looking for achievement guides... and kinda felt that "community" feeling again. I hunted some more sites wanting to meet other achievement friends and found myself on TrueAchievements. Friend lists and blogs? See what others are playing and a feed that you can comment on? YAY! So I joined and have met some pretty awesome gamers.  I'm also glad to be a part of the Retroids gaming community, even if they don't understand my gamerscore/trophy hunting, haha.

I started live streaming my gaming last month looking for yet another community, but there are too many trolls and rude people (especially towards females) on Twitch to make it worth trying to do full time. One guy was nice but became "too nice" if you know what I mean. So I had to make a new Twitch channel so hopefully he won't bother me there.
Kinda sucks starting over and not having all the cool viewers I met, but it'll be nice streaming more casually. I honestly don't have enough of an outgoing or talkative personality to be able to make partner anyways. I'll use the new channel for Extra Life this year, yay! I also have a page as a backup in case Twitch is unstable. (Hitbox is a new upcoming game streaming site. It's actually very stable and the delay is awesome... however since it's new there aren't many people who know about it.)

I still mostly play games by myself or with my boyfriend, but I love being a part of a community. 

How important is a gaming community for you?

If you made it through this entire wall of text, you are awesome. <3

February 12, 2014

Steps forward, zig zag, and everywhere!

The past month or so has been pretty stressful... my living situation drives me bonkers so I've been in weird moods lately. My desire to game lowered and I was feeling pretty meh.
I tried streaming regularly on Twitch hoping that chatting with new people about games would cheer me up but instead I got judged based on how I look... constantly. A guy can broadcast all day and no one cares... being a girl and everyone has to comment on how you look instead of how you're playing the game.

Reading this today reminded me of that fact:
"My hair doesn't affect what words come out of my mouth...but he can't see me as anything else, I guess. Guys like him tune in because I'm attractive to them. Without long hair, I'm not attractive to them. Ergo…goodbye." -Felicia Day
I see a lot... and I mean a lot... of "girl gamers" on Twitch with boobs hanging out just to get viewers. 
I don't play games to get attention from guys... I play video games because I enjoy them.
I don't lick controllers or #girlgamer on Twitter.
It's sad and makes me not want to be a part of the streaming community anymore. 
If nice people from here would like to watch me play a game, I'm all for it. toast

But I needed something...

Then it hit me.

A few days ago I decided to go back to school, along with volunteer at my local animal shelter (humane society). I need to get off my arse and do something with my life that I'm proud of. Screw all the haters! I'm just a nice and good person that loves video games. Now that I'm not streaming on a schedule anymore I can focus on the games that make me happy.
Fable Anniversary came out today and I'm having a great time. The camera is a bit wonky but that's probably because I'm used to more current games. Overall it's great and Lionhead did a great job with the HD.

External image

I'm sure my GTASC team is super pissed at me (someone even came into my stream and scolded me, which I didn't really appreciate when I was live... PM me instead, k? smile). I promise to do my best around schoolwork and volunteering. I heart you guys and sorry that it was just 6 Boobies for a while. Let me know if there's a game y'all wanna play together or something I can help with! (Yes, I'm American, can ya tell? lol)

Since I'm going to request helping in the cat section of the humane society, here you go:

External image
Save all the kittehs!

Extra Life 2014 Schedule

Yep, it's that time again! Time to raise money for Children's Miracle Network and hopefully entertain you guys and gals for 24 hours starting on Saturday, October 25th 2014 @ 12pm (Pacific time).
100% of your donation goes to helping sick kids in need... plus if you donate at least $24 you can claim a time slot for a game or co-op gaming session! Click me for details!
  1. 12pm
  2. 1pm
  3. 2pm  
  4. 3pm
  5. 4pm
  6. 5pm
  7. 6pm
  8. 7pm  
  9. 8pm  
  10. 9pm  
  11. 10pm
  12. 11pm
  13. 12am  
  14. 1am
  15. 2am
  16. 3am
  17. 4am
  18. 5am
  19. 6am
  20. 7am
  21. 8am
  22. 9am 
  23. 10am
  24. 11am

Games to play but no specific time requested:

November 5, 2013

Moving Forward...

Extra Life weekend was crazy, exciting, awesome, very tiring... and worth every moment. Except the part when I had a tummy ache from consuming too much junk food and caffeine, lol. This year I raised $815 to help out sick kids! Thanks to everyone who supported me!
If you caught the stream, hopefully it was fun to watch. The task of creating a highlights video won't be an easy one but it'll be fun.
My friends and I ended up playing lots and lots of Happy Wars all night... and I'm impressed how fun that is (with friends) for a free to play game. I played a cleric class 99% of the time and running around trying to heal people. Brought me back to my WoW days of playing a resto druid.

External image
I sometimes miss WoW but that feeling passes quickly as I remember why I quit in the first place, lol. Guess I just like being a healer in the group. :D

Unfortunately while I was trying to set things up and start my Extra Life marathon, my GTASC team Pixel Chicks were struggling to stay afloat. I felt bad that I wasn't able to postpone the stream to try and grab more fast points to keep us in the competition but alas... we didn't make it. You've gotta give to us that making it 13th out of 120 or so teams is impressive! Go girls! I'm totally game for participating in GTASC next year if the stars align.

External image
An all girls team would be super fun again, give the boys a run for their money... or something like that. laugh

Today as I'm typing this up, I'm "playing" the Karaoke app on my Xbox... and by that I mean there's a mic up to a fan, lol. The 6 hour pass is half off ($2.49US) until Nov 7th so I might as well get some quick achievements for GSL. I'm on a super casual team and I just joined to help beat PS3T in the cross site competition. It's number of achievements vs number of trophies.

External image
I have Cars here that I still need to try to finish (I dislike racing games so I'm dragging a bit) and TMNT is sitting here from GameFly. No idea what it's like but everyone says it's stupid easy... how hard can it be? 
I also bought The Wolf Among Us but haven't played it yet. I keep waiting for Disney Fairies (Win 8) to update on my laptop to get the latest episode... I haven't updated my OS to Win 8.1 (yet) so not sure if it'll ever be available to me if I don't. cry
It's hard trying to get as much gamerscore as you can while being really picky about games. I don't like platformers, racing, fighting, versus multiplayer, sports games... yeah, lol. I didn't grow up playing platformers like many old school gamers out there, my first real video game was a turn based RPG, Final Fantasy VIII. clap Figured I'd try and teach myself by playing platformy kid games but I find them incredibly frustrating. Perhaps I'll learn the patience to push through the pain like I did with Phineas and Ferb... but until then I took Smurfs 2 out of my GameFly queue lol.

After GSL is done with (Dec 1st), I still plan on changing my gamertag so I'll keep everyone posted so you don't see some random name on your list, lol. I like when people call me "Amy" instead of "vita" lol. I'm still doing the "gather your favorite words" idea and looking at unique combos. My bf's gamertag, along with several of his friends, have a regular name type of format so I'd like the same thing. I want to make sure the tag will match an available PSN ID, even though I hardly touch my PS3 anymore. Sucks that Sony won't just let you change your name on there but starting over doesn't sound too bad, I have games on my tag that I didn't boot up and you can't delete 0 trophy games. 
Once my Xbox One gets here I'll be slobbering all over it. Zoo Tycoon and Project Spark I'm super excited about! I think the bf wants to play Dead Rising 3 with me so I'll pick that up too. I still have a ton of 360 games I still want to play so hopefully I can just plug that into the hdmi input on the XB1. That reminds me that I need to order a play and charge kit too! Ahhhh new shinies! November 22nd GET! 
I'm listening to Pandora and this song just came on... enjoy!

(it helps drown out the Karaoke cover and children's songs lol) music