September 4, 2011

First Challenge... Accepted!

In order to raise money and encourage people to donate to Children's Miracle Network... I'll be taking on challenges while gaming for 24 hours straight.

First challenge that has been accepted...

To get back at me for all the times I talked smack about Minecraft, my good friend Arais (aka James Cromwell) challenges me to wear this box on my head for one hour while gaming:

Times that this challenge will take place: TBD

For more information about challenges and rules, please CLICK ME.  
If you'd like to submit a challenge, please do so as soon as you can... that way I can rent/buy/borrow the games needed.  Thanks!


  1. on a side note, idk how the 6 got in there.... 2nd try! ^5 Arais :P

  2. I'm afraid... very afraid...

  3. Hello, I saw there may be a six fingered man here.