April 5, 2012

March 2012 Gaming Adventures

There's something on my tv!  And it's watching me...
Hello hello again!
It's a new month, so that means it's time to share my gaming adventures!
March was a pretty darned good month in terms of gaining Xbox 360 achievements.

Let's get this party blog article started!

So here's the rundown for March 2012:

Captain America: Super Soldier (440 GS earned) - So I finished up this short yet super fun game on March 1st.  Quick, painless, and very easy 1k game.  If you like action/adventure titles, I recommend.

Viva Pinata: TIP (10 GS earned) - After some searching, I finally managed to 100% this game.  All I was missing was "play 4 player co-op for an hour."  Very glad to add this to my completed games list.

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp (WP7) (200 GS earned) - What's that?  A stupid easy phone game that I can complete in less than an hour?  Downloaded aaaaaaaand done!  Not what I'd call fun but I can't complain about 3 really easy mini games.  

The Bourne Conspiracy (925 GS earned) - This game has haunted me for over a year.  I only had 25 gamerscore for almost as long as I had my Xbox.  Finally decided to pick it back up and complete it.  Frustrating at times but overall it's actually a decent movie tie-in title.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (1250 GS earned) - Yet another haunting game stuck in my gamercard with a low completion %.  I'd like to get over 90% completion on my gamercard so I went after this backlogged title as well.  So after almost exactly one year later from when I started this game, it's DONE!  :)

Jurassic Park: The Game (1000 GS earned) - This game came into my possession as a Christmas gift from my amazing bf.  As much as I dislike Quick Time Events, this game's surprisingly awesome story made up for any button mashing frustration.  I did use guides to help me keep sane while completing this game.

Family Feud: 2012 Edition (1000 GS earned) - Talk about a super boring grindfest!  Ah the things I do for points, haha.  Stupid easy yet mind numbing.  You can look up all of the answers so the only challenge was staying awake.  Hooray for Netflix on my phone!

Mass Effect 3 (810 GS earned) - Now here is a rare gem of a game that I don't even care about points during my first playthrough.  I love the Mass Effect series and this game did not disappoint.  Perhaps someday I'll go back and get more achievements... so that means you'll have to stay tuned to find out.  :)

Left 4 Dead (45 GS earned) - Not many points earned in March but it was all I needed to 100% this game.  This is one of my proudest completed games.  Love the series!

Spiderwick Chronicles (1000 GS earned) - Ugh... now this game makes me cringe a bit when I think about it.  Easy game?  Yes.  Easy points?  Yes.  Fun and awesome?  Nope.  Kids game with pretty mediocre gameplay.  I wouldn't recommend unless you're looking for a quick 1000.

Velvet Assassin (1000 GS earned) - I'm all about run and gun shooters, so when I decided to give Velvet Assassin a go, it was tough holding back and being patient for "window of opportunity" kills.  After having to force myself to be super sneaky, this game really grew on me.  

MONOPOLY (1000 GS earned) - All caps means it's good right?  Nope!  This game was pretty fun for the first 10 minutes, then it became yet another long and boring grind (see: Family Feud).  The luck based achievements test your patience if you really want to 100% this game.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North (765 GS earned) - Now here is a fun action RPG that you can play online with 2 other people.  Yep, 3 person co-op.  This game is not a pushover and to succeed I highly recommend you play with 2 friends.  I will hopefully finish this game, looking forward to getting people together again to play it some more.

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe (1000 GS earned) - Another superhero game with easy points?  I'll install and play that!  This game is very forgiving and also enjoyable.  The last achievement was a grind but I'd still consider it a very easy 1k.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (150 GS earned) - I bought the first DLC as soon as it was available.  This is proper DLC, not just a one hour quest for 10 bucks. I will support the game devs and I'm happy giving them my dollars for that.

Create (1000 GS earned) - Retail puzzle games on console are a rare sight.  When I get a puzzle game, I tend to complete it slowly.  Do a few levels and then want to do something else.  When I heard that EA plans on closing the online servers down for this game mid-April, I wanted to "git-r-done"... pardon the expression.  ;)

Terminator Salvation (1000 GS earned) - I have to say, this game is pretty terrible.  But it's a short and fairly easy 1000, so I had to play it.  Thankfully my bf played co-op with me (splitscreen, no online) to speed things up.  A couple of hours later, 100% done!

Backyard Football '10 (1000 GS earned) - Often called the "Avatar" of sports games, I decided to sink low enough to get this quick 1000.  I don't play or watch football so my boyfriend was awesome enough to teach me a few things so I could understand what was going on.  Easy enough but don't look for any Madden games to be on my gamercard in the future.  ;)

Gears of War 3 (205 GS earned) - As long as Epic Games keeps releasing DLC, you'll keep seeing this game pop up on my monthly adventure reports, hehe.  Yet another map pack along with more achievements, a bunch of us "cheevo" hunters (aka boosters) got together and knocked out what achievements that we could.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (340 GS earned) - Wait.. what?  For someone who didn't care for FFXIII, what was I doing playing the sequel?  I'd like to think of myself as an open minded person so I gave this game a fair chance.  It's not as linear as the orignal, but I do believe that the heart and soul of the Final Fantasy series died when Square merged with Enix.  Hopefully I am able to complete this game in April so stay tuned...

April will have some interesting game stories to share... find out what I really think of the new Kinect.  
Uhhh did she just say KINECT?!  Yes, yes I did.

Total GS earned in March = 14,140  (holy schnikies!)


  1. Your review of Velvet Assassin has me curious about it -- I LOVED the older title that sounds similar, Hitman: Blood Money (one of my top ten for the 360, still). Might give that a try after KoA. :)

    You should start a sort of betting square for which day in April you'll hit 100k! I'm thinking April 27th....

    1. Ha, a betting circle, that's a great idea! :D