September 27, 2013

Extra Life 2013 Schedule

Yep, it's that time again! Time to raise money for Children's Miracle Network and hopefully entertain you guys and gals for 24 hours starting on Saturday, November 2nd 2013 @ 12pm (Pacific time). 
100% of your donation goes to helping sick kids in need... plus if you donate at least $24 you can claim a time slot for a challenge or co-op gaming session! Click me for details!
I will also be hosting Happy Wars at the start of the event.
This game is free to play on Xbox 360. (Donation is NOT required to join)
  1. 12pm - Happy Wars (15 player co-op, info and signups)
  2. 1pm  - Halo 4 co-op (1000 Puppys)
  3. 2pm  - Gears of War 3 beast mode (Chris) 
  4. 3pm
  5. 4pm - Fez (Arais)
  6. 5pm
  7. 6pm  - Minecraft (Pactra) "Building bridges going nowhere" Friends Welcome! (8 players max)
  8. 7pm  
  9. 8pm  - Resonance of Fate (biffstix)
  10. 9pm  
  11. 10pm - Twister Mania on Kinect (Lea)
  12. 11pm
  13. 12am  
  14. 1am
  15. 2am*
  16. 2am
  17. 3am
  18. 4am
  19. 5am
  20. 6am
  21. 7am - Leela (Jappe)
  22. 8am  - Portal 2 (Cherry)
  23. 9am
  24. 10am
*Daylight Saving Time ends so the clock falls back an hour at this time.

Games to play but no specific time requested
Cate - XCOM
Scott P. - "Play your favorite" Diablo 3
JJP - Eternal Sonata

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  1. My apologies to anyone who cannot participate in the Happy Wars session because it's an Xbox 360 game. I wanted to find a console game that's free to play and would allow more than 10 people in a co-op setting. If you have a suggestion for another game in the future, let me know. ^.^ I'd love for everyone who would like to, be able to join in the fun.