Extra Life 2015

Save the Date: November 7th, 2015

"Extra Life, the 24-hour video game marathon will challenge gamers from around the world to play for 24 hours beginning Saturday, November 7th 2015.  Together with their personal sponsors, Extra Life gamers will try to beat last year’s record-setting total of more than $1 million.  The best part?  EVERY DOLLAR our gamers generate stays where it’s raised with their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital."

UPDATE for 2014:
For your donation, I'll play a game of your choice (on available platforms) for an hour.  
Let me know in advance so I can rent or download the games needed.
Clicky here to see times available: Extra Life 2014 Schedule
If you have a special request, please talk to me.  :)
To donate:  http://extra-life.org/participant/amyk

I'll be playing games on Xbox One, Xbox 360*, Playstation 3 and PC**.
*Due to the limited floor space available, only certain Kinect games can be played.
**Must be a game that is streamable (some PC games aren't compatible with broadcasting software)
Wanna play a game with me?  Here are some suggestions from games I own:

Xbox One

Xbox 360


Optional voice chat for guests will be available! 
I will have 10 person Ventrillo server for drop in drop out voice chat.
Please keep language on family friendly mode please. :)

Sponsored Game Rules:
  1. Must be a game I own, rent, or can download.  
  2. One hour block per donation of $24 or more.  
  3. No back to back Kinect games, I need a rest break people!
  4. No karaoke (singing) microphone games.
  5. Sorry no Rock Band or DDR type games that require special controllers/peripherals.
  6. No repeats from previous years. (check the list HERE)
  7. Be reasonable... remember, it's for charity!
  8. Please no sports or fighting games, I don't understand the rules and it wouldn't be fun.
  9. Online multiplayer versus modes against randoms are not an option. 
I will be streaming this event LIVE on hitbox.tv so please stop by and cheer me on!
Warning: Some games on the live stream might be rated M for mature content.  
Game content being live broadcasted is not edited. If you are easily offended or your kids want to watch, please check the schedule for times and ratings. Blank hours are unscheduled and anything could be playing. <3

To donate:  http://extra-life.org/participant/amyk

Feel free to leave any comments/ideas below.  :)


  1. Putting links to previous hourly challenges/requests could be helpful.